Gordon MacLean, Theresa Morrison

Laments and Merry Melodies from Cape Breton Island


Theresa Morrison, violin; Gordon MacLean, piano


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  1. Inganess (Medley)
  2. Goldenrod (Medley)
  3. Braes Of Auchentyre (Medley)
  4. My Lodging Is On The Cold Ground
  5. Carnegie’s Welcome To Scotland (Medley)
  6. My Heart Is Broke Since Thy Departure
  7. Miss Stewart (Medley)
  8. Willie Coleman’s
  9. A Dancing Strathspey (Medley)
  10. Fr. MacMillan (Medley)
  11. Lochnagar (Medley)
  12. Lady Cunningham Of Livingston (Medley)
  13. Marchioness Of Huntly (Medley)
  14. Francis Sitwell
  15. Lament For Piper Peter Morrison