Steve Kotansky

Kolos and Konversations (January 2021)

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aired January 30, 2021

For more fun from Steve you can also purchase materials from his May 2020 workshop.


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A set of 6 dance syllabi and 21 music files from Steve Kotansky’s online Kolos and Konversations workshop that aired Saturday January 30, 2021.

Dance syllabi included:

  1. Gajdaško Kolo
  2. Kolo from Lakocsa – Kotansky
  3. Kukunješće
  4. Malo Bunjevačko Kolo
  5. Na Dvi Strane – Kotansky Stockton 1986 with SK corrections
  6. Veliko Kolo

Music included:

  1. Bunjevačko kolo_Stevan Bačić-Trnda (1930) (mp3)
  2. Csizmaverös (m4a)
  3. Gajdaško Kolo – Bunjevac, Hungary (mp3)
  4. Kolo (Udaranje) iz Lakocsa (m4a)
  5. Kukunješće-Serbian, Hungary 2 (m4a)
  6. Kukunješće-Serbian, Hungary (m4a)
  7. Kukunješće-Serbian, Hungary (wav)
  8. Kukunješće-Tököli Rác, Hungary (mp3)
  9. Malo Bunjevačko Kolo 1 (tambure) 1 (mp3)
  10. Malo bunjevačko kolo_Pero Tumbas Hajo (mp3)
  11. Malo Bunjevačko Kolo (m4a)
  12. Na Dvi Strane (Sokac) (m4a)
  13. Na Dvi Strane Kolo-Bosnyak, Hungary (m4a)
  14. Na Dvi Strane-Bosnyak, Hungary (m4a)
  15. Veliko Backo Kolo (Instrumental) (m4a)
  16. Veliko Kolo 1 (m4a)
  17. Veliko Kolo 2 (m4a)
  18. Veliko Kolo-Banat, Serbia (m4a)
  19. Veliko Kolo (m4a)
  20. Veliko Kolo (wav)
  21. Veliko Kolo1 (m4a)

About Steve

Steve Kotansky, known widely as a versatile dancer and teacher, has made many research trips to Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and Greece. He has taught at major folk dance camps all over North America and Europe and has performed and choreographed for many performing ensembles throughout the U.S. and Europe. Steve is active as a teacher and researcher of dance in North American Albanian and Macedonian Roma communities. Steve brings a lively, in-depth knowledge to his teaching, and an intense joy to his dancing.

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