Laura Garrity-Arquitt, Museum of Russian Icons

Faith and Folktales

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aired October 14, 2021


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Faith and Folktales: Russian Storytelling Through Image with Laura Garrity-Arquitt of the Museum of Russian Icons

Part of our Thursday evening SOFA Series presentations, find the program listings online.

About the Program

Over the centuries Russian artists perfected the use of visual language to tell stories and teach tradition through pictures. Russian iconographers, creators of Orthodox religious art, used form and color to portray complex beliefs and messages. These same techniques were later used by secular artists to depict history, fairy tales, folklore, and scenes of daily life. This program will explore Russian visual storytelling using icons and folk art from the collection of the Museum of Russian Icons.

Laura Garrity-Arquitt has a degree in History and Museum Studies and worked as an Intern at the Museum of Russian Icons. Laura is now a Curatorial assistant and Registrar at the Museum.

About the Museum

The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton MA was founded in 2006 and inspires the appreciation and study of Russian culture by collecting and exhibiting icons and related objects, and offers interactive educational programs. The Museum serves as a leading center for research and scholarship through the Center for Icon Studies and other institutional collaborations.

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