Christine Kydd, Lorraine Jordan

Dark Pearls



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Dark Pearls: Christine Kydd

Christine Kydd (vocals, guitar); Lorraine Jordan (backing vocals, bouzouki, djembe, cabasa)

Christine Kydd with Lorraine Jordan, a perfect context in which to hear Christine’s powerful performances. Dark Pearls is a very natural and creative musical combination highlighting songs from Christine’s solo repertoire. The songs are big ballads and songs from the Lowland Tradition, and a sprinkling are from contemporary writers in the old idiom. Christine’s singing combined with Lorraine’s sensitive and vibrant work is by turns energetic and fun, compelling and emotive.

Christine Kydd is one of Scotland’s great singers. A renowned interpreter and champion of the Scots song tradition, she has performed and recorded with others to produce some of Scotland’s finest and often award-winning harmony vocal sounds.


  1. Lord Gregory
  2. King’s Shillin’
  3. Jenny Nettles / Fause, Fause
  4. Sheath and Knife
  5. Greenwoodside
  6. Plooman Laddies
  7. The Rovin’ Ploughboy
  8. The Twa Brithers
  9. Fisherrow / The Song of the Fishgutters
  10. Capernaum
  11. Sailor Laddie
  12. Bonnie Laddie I Gan Bye Ye