By the Sea



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Playlist: Winter Carnival/Reel Phanney/Cap Chat * Roll the Woodpile Down * Sunny Road * Sam’s Gone Away * Fiddler’s Green * Little Burnt Potato/Marche des Geants/La Maison de Glace * Big House, Middle House, Back House, Barn * The Saucy Arabella * Salt River/Waiting for Nancy/Dusty Miller * A Sailor’s Prayer * More Wood * One More Day * La Bonne Vie/Au Bord du Bayou

Band members are Pam Weeks on fiddle, mountain dulcimer, guitar, singing; Jim Joseph on button accordion, 5-string banjo, mandolin, fiddle, jaw harp, percussion, feet, singing; Bill Olson on guitar, bass, singing, calling.

Maine, USA (2010)

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