Bulgarian Center of New England, Nadia Ullman

From Bulgaria to Boston

virtual video

Enjoy stories about Bulgaria’s history, traditions, & culture; Bulgarian immigration to this area; local Bulgarian organizations & celebrations; and the best ways to enjoy all things Bulgarian in the Boston area!

air date May 20, 2021


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From Bulgaria to Boston
with Nadia Ullman

Nadia will first charm us with stories about Bulgaria’s history, traditions, and culture. Then we’ll hear about Bulgarian immigration to this area, be introduced to local Bulgarian organizations and some of their celebrations, and finally we will find out the best ways to enjoy all things Bulgarian in the Boston area – including a virtual tour of Six Star Market in Woburn. We might even learn a word or two in Bulgarian!

About Nadia

Nadia Ullman was born in Bulgaria and emigrated to the US as a young adult. She teaches Bulgarian language classes for adults at the Bulgarian Center of New England and serves on its Board of Directors. Nadia’s professional background is in government; she was possibly the first Bulgarian immigrant in the state of MA to be elected as a Town Meeting Member, and later served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor. She holds a master’s degree in government and a bachelor’s in applied linguistics. Nadia is currently a full-time mom to her two children; she collects historical maps of Bulgaria and enjoys teaching her native language and culture.

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