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Brasslands: A Motion Picture Soundtrack



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Producer – Adam Pogoff;  Recorded By, Mixed By – Don Godwin

Brasslands is a kinetic, character-driven feature documentary about the power of music to inform our identities, unite communities, and reach across political borders. Traveling from New York City concert halls to a tiny town in the heart of Serbia, the film explores the musical and cross-cultural complexities of Balkan brass music. Brasslands features a diverse ensemble cast of virtuosic Roma (“Gypsy”) street musicians, Serbian trumpet masters, and devoted American enthusiasts whose lives and dreams collide during Europe’s wildest party — the Guča trumpet festival. Featuring the sounds and stories of Dejan Petrović Orchestra, Demiran Ćerimović Orchestra, and New York City’s own Zlatne Uste. Collaboratively made by the Meerkat Media Collective.(2013)

Track List

  1. Brasslands (Slavic Soul Party)
  2. Demiranov Ćoćek (Demiran Ćerimović Orchestra)
  3. Boki (Zlatne Uste)
  4. Gradinom Cveće Cvetalo (Dejan Petrović Orchestra)
  5. Riffcloud (Raya Brass Band)
  6. Sheherzada (Demiran Ćerimović Orchestra)
  7. Mouser (Veveritse Jazz Band)
  8. Dom Fantom (Geller, Godwin, Syversen)
  9. Reger Ćoćek (Dejan Avdić Orchestra)
  10. Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels (Veveritse Brass Band)
  11. Alo Mange Liloro (Demiran Ćerimović Orchestra)
  12. Sukrjin (Brasslands Big Band)