Yves Moreau

Beyond the Mystery – Vol. 2


Village Music of Bulgaria (Severnjaško and Dobrudža). Authentic Bulgarian folk music–Field recordings by Yves Moreau recorded in Bulgaria 1966-1972


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Beyond the Mystery Vol.1: Village Music of Bulgaria (Severnjaško and Dobrudža); various artists. Authentic Bulgarian folk music. Field recordings by Yves Moreau recorded in Bulgaria 1966-1972 Part of a 3-CD anthology of Bulgarian Folk Music.

The collection presents original field recordings by Yves Moreau recorded in all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria between 1966 and 1972. Numerous recordings of Bulgarian folk music have been released in recent years but the vast majority have focused mainly on the trendy professional Bulgarian women’s choirs, cleverly marketed internationally as “mysterious” or “magic”. This new collection presents field recordings from all over Bulgaria and the selections offer a precious glimpse into lesser-known instrumental and vocal styles, ancient instruments as well as more modern orchestras, ritual songs, dances in complex rhythms etc.

The late sixties and early seventies were fertile years in the development of folk heritage in Bulgaria. Traditions were still very much alive in towns and villages and the Communist government of that time strongly supported and encouraged the development of creative and performing arts which gave birth to today’s still flourishing women’s choirs and folk-jazz type formations known as svadbari or wedding bands whose exponents include Ivo Papazov and Yuri Yunakov. Listeners will be amazed at the sound quality even after thirty years of storage for those old reel-to-reel tapes. Background noises, such as conversations, passing cars and motorcycles, birds and appreciative crowds have been left untouched. Each CD contains a 12-page descriptive booklet in English and French giving additional background information on the regions and the performers.



  1. Staro Kulsho & Sira
  2. Paslo e momce
  3. Oj devojce
  4. Pjdusko Horo & Bacvanka
  5. osmica
  6. Sednal e Manol
  7. Marijce, le
  8. Sareno Horo
  9. Han Tatar pismo napisah
  10. Batuta & Floricica
  11. Maria
  12. Calusul & Hora de la Vrav
  13. Doina
  14. Todorka
  15. Zavilo se e vito horo & Ivan na rada dumase
  16. Cerkezko horo
  17. Bavna & Pravo horo
  18. PreskacankaDobrudža
  19. Kucata
  20. Varnenski Kjucek
  21. Tropanka
  22. Altanla Stojan Vojvoda
  23. Raka
  24. Dobudzanski Racenik
  25. Zborenka
  26. Opas