Bianca de Jong

Virtual Trip to the Rhodopes (June 2023)

workshop materials

From Svornato to Kitka ot Gela
Stories, Dance and Music
aired June 3, 2023


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A Trip Into the Rhodopes: From Svornato to Kitka ot Gela
Stories, Dance and Music, with Bianca de Jong

Digital files from Bianca de Jong’s online international dance workshop which aired June 3, 2023

Price: $20

Package includes:

  • teaching videos
  • audio files
  • syllabi

Dances included:

  • Pravo Rodopsko Horo (music, video)
  • Svornato (syllabi, music x2, video)
  • Kitka ot Gela (syllabi, music, video)
  • Pustonu Ludo i mlado (syllabi, music x2, video)

Bianca de Jong has been teaching folk dance since 1977, active in several aspects of teaching folk dance. Besides Bulgarian folk dance, she teaches folk dances from different countries on all levels. She has taught in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada, and England, as well as Belgium, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United States. She has taught at the dance academy in Tilburg (Holland) and Koupio (Finland) and is still a guest teacher for folklore dance techniques at the professional Het Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam.

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