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10 April 2024

Katy Bishop, Editor

Dancing This Week

Thursday Night Folk Dancing

April 11 Arlington, MA

Now that we have recovered from the Nor'Easter and the Earthquake (!) and are back from Eclipse viewing, it is time to come to Thursday Night Folk Dancing

This week, Laura Billmers will be our programmer. Sue Rose will review Yves' version of Krivata (Bulgaria) and Meyer Billmers will review another of Yves' dances, Kokice (also from Bulgaria). This will definitely be a high energy night!

--Sue Rose

Masks are optional but welcome and highly recommended.

Cut a Rug

April 14 online

It's time for our once-a-month online gathering, featuring dancing, laughing, and community. In short, some afternoon delight!

Join us for a fun way to get your steps in, and to hobnob with folks who love dancing and community wherever they can get it - including online!

The chatting and catching up begins at 3:45, with dancing starting at 4:00. I suggest you get your humdrum tasks out of the way early and reward yourself by Cutting a Rug this Sunday afternoon!!


FAC Benefit Auction—Coming Soon!

Donation drop-off dates: April 26-28

Donations Needed


You can help FAC, and we can help you de-clutter, downsize, and find homes for your no-longer-needed items!

We asking local FAC members to donate gently-used, vintage, new, and interesting items for the auction. This is the ideal time to dig out those "treasures" that you haven’t known what to do with and give them a new life, all while supporting FAC.


Donated items can be dropped off April 26-28 (times TBA) at the FAC office or alternate locations in Arlington and Newton. (If you won't be able to able to drop things off that weekend, please be in touch so we can make other arrangements.) So please start setting items aside. Donation guidelines can be found here.

This auction will be run through MaxSold, an online auction company that specializes in downsizing, estate sales, and house clean-outs, allowing us to reach bidders outside our community such as collectors, antique dealers, and resellers. Find out more on our auction page.


Volunteers Needed


If you have experience in evaluating art, jewelry, or another category of collectibles, please let us know. 


Thanks so much for helping out—we really appreciate it!

Questions? Please email Janet Nelson.

--The Gala Committee 

From the Executive Director

It was a Marvelous Day for a Moondance!

What a week this has been, taken in totality,

When we experienced (albeit briefly) another reality.

The sun was eclipsed by our tiny, wee moon,

The day was transformed into our own Brigadoon!

Whether amidst throngs, or with friends, the event brought us together;

Here in Boston we enjoyed perfect viewing weather.

With goofy glasses on tight, we oohed and we ahed,

And when it was finished, we collectively hurrahed.

The experience was amazing, and also quite humbling -

We enjoyed being united, instead of all grumbling.

As like sunflowers we turned and followed the sun,

Appreciating the rare marvel that was second to none.


Special Events

May 8 - 16: FAC Benefit Auction (online)

Dance & Music Series

Thursday, April 11: Thursday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Sunday, April 14: Cut a Rug (online)

Thursday, April 18: Thursday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Saturday, April 27: Monthly Dance Party with Das Goot (Belmont, MA and online)

Sunday, April 28: Melrose Community Dances (Melrose, MA)

Sunday, April 28: Mostly Waltz with Eric Eid-Reiner & Ron Grosslein (Concord, MA)

Friday, May 10: Friday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Camps and Tours

June 20 to 27: Pinewoods International Sessions (Plymouth, MA)

August 30 to September 3: Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA)

October 17 to 31: Autumn in Bulgaria Cultural Tour with Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov

This week's contributors:

Anna Alter: FAC Program Manager

Nick Bishop: Tech troubleshooter, Updates proofreader

Lynne Janbergs: GASP Committee member, Updates proofreader

Janet Nelson: FAC Gala Committee

Sue Rose: Thursday Night Folk Dancing coordinator

Marcie Van Cleave: FAC Executive Director

The Folk Arts Center of New England is a nonprofit organization promoting participation in the traditional dance and music of many cultures. FAC sponsors community dances, annual camps, workshops, and other programs in the greater Boston area, elsewhere in New England, and online.

The Folk Arts Center thanks

the Massachusetts Cultural Council

for its generous support.