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28 March 2024

Katy Bishop, Editor

Coming Up

Friday Night Folk Dancing

March 29 - Arlington Heights, MA

I was just pondering this morning (warning: pre-coffee) about the amazing array of offerings our various communities present! I am always thrilled, and (to be honest) sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer number and vast scope of FAC's productions. Volunteers by the score, an office staff, a Board of Directors, and a passionate community - all involved contribute boundless energy, the result of which make our lives richer and happier.

Whether you enjoy this Friday's dance, recently came to Balkan Music Night, you are planning on coming to June Pinewoods, or hoping to join an FAC tour someday - know that we are all in it together, from start to finish. And also that we are happy to have you with us (from start to finish)!

I look forward to the next time our paths cross - perhaps on Friday night?


New in the Little Shop of Horas

Homecoming - debut solo album from Alex Cumming

I had the most pleasurable delight of taking two friends to Club Passim in Harvard Square, Cambridge last week for an evening of music as the culmination of Alex's tour launching his new CD Homecoming.

Joining him on stage were Audrey Leigh Jaber, Stefan Amidon, and Max Newman, along with a full drum set, multiple plucked instruments, a fiddle and an accordion. As if the music-making was not show enough, just watching the four of them navigate a very, VERY small stage was additionally entertaining!

The star of the show, though, was the music itself, and how it was gifted to us by Alex. Whether rollicking or melancholy, a ballad or a sing-along, the evening mesmerized and delighted.

While the CD release tour is over, the music lives on through this recording. I can't encourage you enough to get your own copy. It's the next best thing to having Alex, Audrey, and a whole host of talented musicians with you in your car or living room! Find Homecoming and so much more in our shop.


FAC Fundraiser Auction Coming Soon

You can help FAC, and we can help you de-clutter, downsize, and find homes for your no-longer-needed items!

As we did in 2022, this auction is different from our previous ones because we are partnering with MaxSold, an online auction company that specializes in downsizing, estate sales, and house clean-outs. Using MaxSold allows us to reach bidders outside our community such as collectors, antique dealers, and resellers who frequent other MaxSold auctions.

MaxSold is currently offering their services free of charge to non-profits, so all the money we make will go directly to FAC. The best way to understand a MaxSold auction is to visit their website and poke around.

Donations Needed

Soon we will be asking local FAC members to donate gently-used, vintage, new, and interesting items for the auction. This is the ideal time to dig out those "treasures" that you haven’t known what to do with and give them a new life, all while supporting FAC.

Donations are to be dropped off at the FAC office, or at alternate sites in Newton and Arlington, at designated times during the last weekend of April. So please start setting items aside. Donation guidelines can be found here.

Volunteers Needed

If you have experience in evaluating art, jewelry, or another category of collectibles, please let us know. 

Thanks so much for helping out—we really appreciate it!

Questions? Suggestions? Please email Janet Nelson or speak with someone on the Gala Committee.

--The Gala Committee


Dance & Music Series

Friday, March 29: Friday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Thursday, April 4: Thursday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Friday, April 5: Friday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Sunday, April 14: Cut a Rug (online)

Thursday, April 18: Thursday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Saturday, April 27: Monthly Dance Party with Das Goot (Belmont, MA)

Sunday, April 28: Melrose Community Dances (Melrose, MA)

Sunday, April 28: Mostly Waltz with Eric Eid-Reiner & Ron Grosslein (Concord, MA)

Camps and Tours

June 20 to 27: Pinewoods International Sessions (Plymouth, MA)

August 30 to September 3: Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA)

October 2024: Autumn in Bulgaria Cultural Tour with Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov

This week's contributors:

Anna Alter: FAC Program Manager, Updates proofreader

Nick Bishop: Tech troubleshooter, Updates proofreader

Lynne Janbergs: GASP Committee member, Updates proofreader

Janet Nelson: the Gala Committee

Marcie Van Cleave: FAC Executive Director

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