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20 March 2024

Katy Bishop, Editor

Spoiled for Choice This Weekend

Thursday Night Folk Dancing

Pixton Poirier Band - Arlington, MA

Following on the heels of last weekend's spectacular Balkan Music Night, Thursday Night Folk Dancing is proud to satisfy your craving for even more excellent live dance music.  

Please join us in Arlington Tomorrow, March 21, for a superb Live Music Party with the Pixton Poirier Band. Tom Pixton, Barbara Pixton, Julia Poirier, and Brian Wilson will give us a glorious program of our favorite dances. (There's a rumor that Tom may even teach us a dance! ❤️)

Dance the night away with us!

--Sue Rose

Masks are optional but entirely welcome at FAC dance events.

Monthly Dance Party

Dark Eyed Devojki - Belmont, MA

Our next Monthly Dance Party is coming up this Saturday, March 23, and we are proud to announce the debut a new international dance band made up of some of our own talented youth!

The Dark-Eyed Devojki, led by Niki Yeracaris, play tunes from all over Europe, with a focus on Balkan music. “Devojki” (meaning “girls” in Macedonian) might not describe everyone in the group, but their love of Macedonian music demands a salute to the dark-eyed girls in many folk songs.

Band members Julian Drumwright, Ben Powell, Sammy Wetstein, Niki Yeracaris, and Taylor Yeracaris are bringing fresh energy and enthusiasm to international dance music. Come dance or listen, and support our next generation of musicians!

The online link for the dance party can be obtained through our shop.

--Janet Yeracaris

Melrose Community Dances

Marcie Van Cleave - Melrose, MA

Announcing: a new community dance series for all! Whether you are young or old, part of a couple, a family, or single, parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles ... you all are invited to join in the dance Sunday, March 24.

The Folk Arts Center has received not one, but two grants from Melrose funding organizations to bring folk dancing to the community! Our appreciation goes out to the Melrose Cultural Council and the Melrose Messina Fund for the Arts for financially supporting this series! In addition, this series would not be possible without the donation of the space by the completely awesome Molly's Bookstore.

It will be an entertaining and heartwarming way to start your Sunday - the dance runs from 10:30am-noon. Additional dates and information can be found here.

-- Marcie

Mostly Waltz - Concord, MA

Jacqueline Schwab & Dave Langford

Our next regular Mostly Waltz dance, on Sunday, March 24, will feature fabulous live music by Dave Langford and Jacqueline Schwab. The pre-dance lesson, titled Polka Mania!, will be taught by Susan de Guardiola. Come welcome our out-of-town guests to Concord for the Waltz Weekend!


But there's more:


Saturday evening, March 23rd, join us for a special bonus dance DJ'd by Susan. This dance is open to all, regardless of whether you're attending the waltz weekend or not. Susan will play a mix of waltzes, foxtrots, and other dances by request. We'll also dance some fun couple sequence dances taught during the afternoon workshop.


We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

--Diane Gonzales

Boston Waltz Weekend, March 22-24, Concord, MA

Workshops and Dancing with Susan de Guardiola - Concord, MA

There are still spaces available for the workshops with Susan de Guardiola from New Haven, CT. Online registration for workshops closes today, March 20, at 11:00pm ET, so don't delay! (And save a few bucks vs. walk-in registration.) 

Here is some additional information on the workshops: 

  • Intermediate rotary waltz: open to those comfortable with the basic rotary waltz turn and with prior experience with couple dance leading/following.
  • Intermediate cross-step: open to anyone comfortable with couple dance leading/following and who takes the cross-step basics class (or is already comfortable with it).
  • Advanced cross-step (Sunday morning): for those with previous experience in cross-step waltz, including the Saturday workshops.
  • Ragtime foxtrot: the original foxtrot of the 1910s before it became a standardized ballroom dance. It's lively and fun, and super-easy to learn (open to all)!
  • Sequence dances: a choreographed series of moves where the pattern repeats until the end of the song. Susan will teach a variety and may include waltz, two-step, fox-trot, one-step or tango. Sequence dances are a fun way to learn enough to be able to dance through one song, or to learn some variations that can be led/followed on their own (open to all).

--Diane Gonzales


Special Events

March 22-24: Waltz Weekend with Susan de Guardiola (Concord, MA)

Dance & Music Series

Thursday, March 21: Thursday Night Folk Dancing with the Pixton-Poirier Band (Arlington, MA)

Saturday, March 23: Monthly Dance Party with The Dark-Eyed Devojki (Belmont, MA)

Sunday, March 24: Melrose Community Dancing (Melrose, MA)

Sunday, March 24: Mostly Waltz with Jacqueline Schwab & Dave Langford (Concord, MA)

Friday, March 29: Friday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Sunday, April 14: Cut a Rug (online)

Camps and Tours

June 20 to 27: Pinewoods International Sessions (Plymouth, MA)

August 30 to September 3: Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA)

October 2024: Autumn in Bulgaria Cultural Tour with Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov

This week's contributors:

Anna Alter: FAC Program Manager, Updates proofreader

Nick Bishop: Tech troubleshooter, Updates proofreader

Diane Gonzales: Mostly Waltz coordinator

Lynne Janbergs: GASP Committee member, Updates proofreader

Sue Rose: Thursday Dance coordinator

Marcie Van Cleave: FAC Executive Director

Janet Yeracaris: Monthly Dance coordinator

The Folk Arts Center of New England is a nonprofit organization promoting participation in the traditional dance and music of many cultures. FAC sponsors community dances, annual camps, workshops, and other programs in the greater Boston area, elsewhere in New England, and online.

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