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Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods

September 1-5, 2023

Registration is now open!

Co-Sponsored by FAC & CDS-Boston Centre

We’re thrilled to have superlative dance leaders Sue Rosen (American), Bruce Hamilton (English), and Marcie Van Cleave (International), who will all call with unfailing verve and vigor!

Their voices will ring out above the rumbustious rhythms of our myriad musicians: Audrey Jaber, Vince O’Donnell, Alex Cumming, Ben Jaber, McKinley James, Debby Knight, Jean Monroe, Julia Poirier, David Rosen, Brian Wilson, and Patrick Yacono.

Labor Day is a truly special way to end the Pinewoods season, offering a little bit of everything: diverse dancing, musical variety, parties, ponds, relaxation, and more! Of course, the most special element is you! Won't you join us?

Find all the details and a registration link here!

-- Bella Pisani, Labor Day Coordinator 2023

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