3rd String Trio

Sous le Ciel de Paris


Old World Cafe Music


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3rd String Trio invites you on a journey across time and continents to a picture-perfect cafe, thick with charm and atmosphere. You’ll hear an intoxicating array of music played with passion and style: a French musette, an English dance, a Neapolitan love song, a sizzling tango… and more. Karen Axelrod, Peter Barnes, Aldo Fabrizi (2014)

  1. Marasovia – 3rd String Trio
  2. Ah, Mari – 3rd String Trio
  3. Rise Up – 3rd String Trio
  4. Chiquelin de Bachin
  5. Germaine
  6. Shandy Hall
  7. Capriccio Irreale
  8. Cinecitta
  9. Palomita de Ojos Negros
  10. Si Bheag, Si Mor
  11. Silueta Portena
  12. Flor de Canela
  13. Lonely Accordion/Five Rubles
  14. La Gavre
  15. Vent D’automne
  16. Sous Le Ciel de Paris
  17. Como Una Flor