Spirit Fiddle (Brian Clancy & Robin Warren)

Rapproche – Come Closer


flavors of Canadian, Celtic, and French bistro


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Spirit Fiddle, flavors of Canadian, Celtic, and French bistro

Rapproche – Come Closer – 5th in the collection of Spirit Fiddle recordings. (2007)

The duo of fiddler Robin Warren and guitarist Brian Clancey is joined on this album by David Goodhue on acoustic bass.

Paddy League’s bodhran is heard on a few of the tunes. It includes vintage Spirit Fiddle material, waltzes, musette, a bit of Texas swing, and Canadian jigs and reels. But now there is something new: a Celtic flavor. Both Irish and Scottish tunes join the mix, to create a truly worldly blend of beautiful fiddle and guitar sounds. Kyle Loring is an original tune, a reel, written by Robin Warren while sitting in the Tampa Airport in February of 2007. The fiddle did not get to go on the trip, so the tune was born on music composition paper. The album begins with a medley of fairly well-known Irish tunes: Road to Lisdon Varna, Drowsy Maggie, and Kitty’s Ramble. Calliope House, Cowboy Jig, and Old Sparky were popularized by Scottish Fiddle Champion Alisdair Fraser. 40 Years Ago is a sophisticated southern waltz, all played in double stops. Waltz of Joyce Montgomery is written by Canada’s great contemporary fiddle composer Calvin Vollrath, as is Jerry’s Jig. The band’s love of the musette tradition is represented on this album by 5 tunes: Fétiche, Reproche, Amor del Bajo Corrales, Rêve Bohémien, and the irresistible Valse Chinoise. The medley of the Irish ballad Star of the County Down with the Old Rugged Cross has been much requested at funerals and memorials. Several of the tunes include things that are not performed live: double fiddle, guitar melodies, bodhran drumming, gong, and bass.


  1. Road to Lisdon Varna/Drowsy Maggie
  2. Kitty’s Ramble
  3. Fétiche
  4. Waltz of Joyce Montgomery
  5. Rêve Bohémien
  6. Calliope House Jig/Cowboy Jig
  7. Valse Chinoise
  8. Churning Butter
  9. Amor del Bajo Corrales
  10. 40 Years Ago Waltz
  11. Reproche
  12. Old Box Stove/Fisherman’s Dream/Jerry’s Jig
  13. Star of the County Down/Old Rugged Cross
  14. Kyle Loring/Old Sparky