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Mongolian Epic Song: Zhangar

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Mongolian music anthology


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This CD presents songs from Mongolian people leaving in China and Inner Mongolia. There is a group of folk songs which has two types: short in a metered rhythm and long in a free rhythm. In this group, we can hear the Chinese influence. The last piece, called “Zhangar,” is an old Mongolian heroic epic poem. It has been transmitted by the Oirad Mongol people from West Mongolia, although it is sung in a style of singing found in the eastern part of the country. This epic song is entirely accompanied on the dörbön utas-tai huur, a four-string fiddle. The musical instruments on this CD are the limbe (a transverse flute), the syanz (a three-string lute), the yoocin (a dulcimer), and the dörbön utas-tai huur (a four-string fiddle). A discovery!

Track Listing

  1. Injigen Soo-Toi Mori
  2. Jiji Hot
  3. Meilide Caoyuán, Wo de Jia
  4. Uran Tagnai
  5. Bancen Sum
  6. Joroo-Giin Joroo
  7. Comboon Tuurai-Tai Hüreng
  8. Cagaan Saaral Mori
  9. Gisgedel Saidai
  10. Zhangar (Zangar)