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Commissioned by the French American Jazz Exchange and Chamber Music America Harbor features French/Vietnamese guitarist Nguyên Lê, and saxophonist David Binney. As with all Harrison’s music the compositions have a wide stylistic reach — the focus for this recording is the sonic world of two guitars: Harrison, Lê (as well as Binney) all share a passion for the crossroads of jazz, rock, Indian, and African music where lyricism meets noise, Indian raga meets jazz harmony, and electric Miles meets Messiaen and the Middle East.



Joel Harrison (guitar/composer); Nguyên Lê (guitar); Dave Binney (saxophone); Gildas Bocle (bass); Jamey Haddad (drums/percussion)

Guest Musicians: Henry Hey (piano); Stephan Crump (bass); Jordan Perlson (drums, percussion); Satoshi Takeishi (drums, percussion); Marty Wehner (trombone)

  1. You Bring the Rain
  2. Blue Ghosts of Bourbon Street
  3. End Time
  4. The Refugee
  5. Hudson Shining
  6. Harbor
  7. American Babylon
  8. Les frères en ut majeur (Brothers in C Major)