Ahmet Lüleci

Turkish Dances, September 2020

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aired September 12, 2020


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Two packages of files, 11 in the video package and 19 in the music package, from Ahmet’s online Turkish dance workshop from September 2020. 

Dances in both music and video Packages:

  1. Oy Memo
  2. Kirkali
  3. Susli Hanim
  4. Sefo
  5. Manastir
  6. Inaduna
  7. Damat Halayi
  8. Papatya
  9. Atmaca
  10. Laçin
  11. Gudi

Additional dances included in music package:

  1. Alli Gelin
  2. Baskali
  3. Cirane-Lorke
  4. Karinom
  5. Karpuz kestim
  6. Ma Bulur
  7. O Yani Pembe
  8. Vursun Davullar

About Ahmet

A native of Turkey, Ahmet Lüleci is a perennial favorite among recreational and professional folk dancers the world over. He has taught at all the major camps throughout the U.S. as well as in Asia, Europe, Australia and South America.

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