Patsy Reid

A Glint O’Scottish Fiddle (2018)



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1. Strathearn, Gin I Had A Bonnie Lassie, The Scolding Wives Of Abertarff, The Old Man Will Never Die, The Lads Of Foss

2. Farewell To Whisky, The Marquis Of Waterford’s Hornpipe, Mary Claire

3. Father Eugene’s Welcome To Cape North, Yester House, Miss Drummond Of Perth, The Oyster Wives’ Rant, Rise Ye Lazy Fellow, The Highlandman Kissed His Mother

4. The Beauty Of The North

5. The Young King, The Declaimer, The Recluse

6. The Quartz Jig, The Double Rise, Halloween Jig

7. Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite

8. Pipe Major John Stewart, The Miller O’ Hirn, The Auld Wheel

9. Niel Gow’s Wife, Miss Whiteford, Mrs Graham Of Balgowan, Miss Grant

10. 2:50 To Vigo