Memorial Dance for Eph Weiss

Sunday, March 25, 2018, 3–6 pm

Payson Park Congregational Church parish hall, 365 Belmont Street, Belmont, Massachusetts

Admission is free

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this lively celebration and to the Eph Weiss Scholarship Fund for Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods!

Please join us for an afternoon celebrating the life of Eph Weiss through the activity he loved the most: dance. Throughout the afternoon there will be international, contra and square, English country, and Scandinavian dancing, plus lots of waltzes, with live music and dance leading donated by our community’s musicians and callers. Contributions to the refreshment table are much appreciated. The sponsors for this event include the Folk Arts Center, Speledans, Country Dance Society, Boston Centre, and Eph’s friends and family.

There will be the opportunity to donate in Eph’s memory to a scholarship fund designed to enable people of restricted means to attend Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods. FAC will administer the fund, and the coordinators of the camp session will allocate the scholarships. All donations to this fund are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

The afternoon’s program features:
International dancing led by Marcie Van Cleave, with music by the All Girl Band (Barbara Pixton, Elaine Winic, Suzanne Costanza, Paula Rosenstock, Lenore Cowen, and Lisa Geller)
English country dancing with leaders Rich Jackson and Christine Robb, and music by Vince O’Donnell, Beth Murray, and Catherine Miller
New England contras and squares with caller Lisa Greenleaf and others, and music by Charlie Pilzer, Rebecca Weiss, Vince O’Donnell, Carol Bittenson, Debby Knight, Leah Weiss, and Gary Wright
Scandinavian dancing with music by Matt Fichtenbaum and friends
• Lots of waltzing!

It is NOT necessary to attend with a partner. Beginning dancers may find that many dances can be followed by watching the leaders. Please help protect the hall’s wooden floor by changing from street shoes to clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Payson Park Church is accessible by public transportation (MBTA Route 73 from Harvard Square to Waverley Square); free parking is available on nearby streets.