Oktoberfest 2017 staff


Alex Marković, teaching Serbian and Romani dances: Alex has researched, performed, and taught folk dances from Serbia and Greece for the past 10 years. He also enjoys playing Balkan percussion on the tapan/goč drum, tarabuka (Turkish-style darbuka/doumbek), and def (frame drum). His specialties include Serbian music and dance traditions of southeastern Serbia and Kosovo, and Romani dance traditions and drumming styles from southern Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia. His research in Vranje, Serbia allowed him to conduct in-depth fieldwork on dance in both the Romani and Serb communities of the area.

I have taken class / danced with Alex at Balkan Camp for several years. He is knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic – his love for Serbian, Romani, Greek, and Macedonian dance is visible in every movement – dancing with him is a real joy. He is especially interested in styling and I’ve learned a lot from him about nuances of style. If you come to Oktoberfest this year, you will be in for a real treat. –Barbara Gottfried

Andy Taylor-Blenis teaching Austrian yodeling and international folk dances: Andy continues the tradition of yodeling at Oktoberfest with a workshop in the Austrian yodeling style taught by Werner von Trapp at Oktoberfest 1960 in Stowe, VT. Andy teaches modern, jazz, traditional, international, and children’s dance, and is the artistic director of Mladost Folk Ensemble and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society–Boston Branch Demonstration Team.

Our music workshops are taught by expert leaders: from Orkestar BanitsaJoe Blumenthal teaching Balkan Rhythms; and from the Pinewoods BandJulia Poirier teaching singing and Patrick Yacono teaching instrumental music.


Music for the evening parties is provided by Orkestar Banitsa, directed by Becky Ashenden (accordion, percussion), with Barbara Blumenthal (tambura), Joe Blumenthal (string bass), Addie Rose Holland (clarinet), and Gawain Thomas (accordion).

The Monday morning dance party features music by members of the Pinewoods Band: Patrick Yacono, Julia Poirier, Ralph Iverson, and David Skidmore.

Administrative staff

Jo Crawford, Oktoberfest Coordinator
Catherine Ives, FAC Program Manager: programs@facone.org