Oktoberfest 2019 staff


Gergana Panova, teaching Bulgarian dances: Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Gergana was a soloist and ballet master with the Filip Kutev Bulgarian National Folk Ensemble. She studied dance ethnology in Bulgaria and received her Ph.D. in dance from Dortmund University in Germany. Her dissertation focused on the social and cultural differences among dance forms in Eastern and Western Europe. She regularly commutes between Bulgaria, where she heads the Ethnochoreology Department at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Germany, where she is Professor of Dance at Folkwang University in Essen. She teaches dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria with a special emphasis on their traditional, ritual, and contemporary aspects. Gergana received a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue intercultural research on Bulgarian dance in the US, as it is done in all communities – including the multi-ethnic communities of recreational international folk dancers. Please join us at Oktoberfest for Bulgarian dance workshops with this highly recommended teacher.

You are in for a real treat! In addition to her ability to light up a room and dazzle with her superb dance prowess, Gergana is also a highly regarded author, performer, and educator. Her excellent grasp of English is an added benefit to her enjoyable teaching style. You will love her!
—Joan Hantman, folk dance teacher

Jeremy Carter-Gordon, calling contras, leading singing, and teaching Bal Folk dances: Jeremy is a teacher, performer, and scholar of traditional music and dance and holds an M.A. in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage. He teaches traditional dance and harmony singing at folk camps around New England, and plays banjo and tours with the Windborne Singers and vocal duo Far Distant Shore. He studied Ethnochoreology at Bard and spent 2011-2012 studying sword dancing in Europe on a Watson Fellowship. Jeremy completed his M.A. in the Choreomundus Program in 2015.

…plus we’ll have additional classes in instrumental music, yodeling with Andy Taylor-Blenis, and more!


The Pinewoods Band, directed by Tom Pixton: Legendary for their versatility and endurance, The Pinewoods Band has played at festivals throughout the US and Canada since 1991 under the masterful leadership of Tom Pixton. Tom, Barbara Pixton, Patrick Yacono, Ralph Iverson, Brian Wilson, Julia Poirier, and David Skidmore provide their outstanding repertoire of international folk dance music for our evening parties.

Administrative staff

Laura DeCesare, Oktoberfest coordinator
Jo Crawford, Oktoberfest co-coordinator