Oktoberfest 2016 staff


Baykal Doğan, teaching dances from the Caucasus: Born in Turkey and living in the Netherlands, Baykal comes highly recommended by Maurits van Geel, who invited him to join the Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam as dancer, choreographer, and musician. Baykal has a passion for teaching non-professional dancers and for playing traditional percussion instruments.

Alex Cumming, calling ceilidh dances, teaching harmony singing, and leading pub songs: A young accordionist, traditional singer, dance caller, and morris/sword dancer from Somerset, England now living in Boston, Alex is known for his rhythmic danceable accordion, strong voice, and fun stage presence. Tom Pixton calls him “a walking pub party”! Alex is also an experienced workshop leader, teaching dance, instrumental music, and singing for children and adults.

Andy Taylor-Blenis teaching Austrian yodeling: Andy continues the tradition of yodeling at Oktoberfest with a workshop in the Austrian yodeling style taught by Werner von Trapp at Oktoberfest 1960 in Stowe, VT. Andy teaches modern, jazz, traditional, international, and children’s dance, and is the artistic director of Mladost Folk Ensemble.


The Pinewoods Band, directed by Tom Pixton: Legendary for versatility, endurance, and wit, The Pinewoods Band has played at festivals throughout the US and Canada since 1991 under the masterful leadership of Tom Pixton. Tom, Barbara Pixton, Patrick Yacono, Ralph Iverson, Brian Wilson, Julia Poirier, and David Skidmore provide their outstanding repertoire of international folk dance music for our evening parties.

Administrative staff

Jo Crawford, Oktoberfest Coordinator