FAC Online Auction

Requirements for Items for the Auction

Items to be entered into the auction should be objects, services, or intangibles with intrinsic value. Please remember that our auction is not a tag sale.

A photo of the item or graphic representing the service must be at least 600 pixels wide and be well lit.

You’ll need to include a short (20-40 words) description of the item or service that clearly explains its appeal.

Some items featured in past auctions include:

  • Custom-cooked Chinese banquet for six
  • FAC Pinewoods package for two
  • Dessert of the month
  • Traditional women’s Croatian 4-piece costume
  • Fiddle lesson with Hanneke Cassel
  • Gift certificates to various Boston-area restaurants
  • Traditional Georgian 3-string banduri
  • New ukelele from Downtown Sounds, Amherst
  • Macedonian dumbek, the traditional hand drum

Once you have the photo of your item and your description, review the instructions to get your item up for auction!