Sunday, May 1International Music Club workshops, 1-5:30pm, Brookline, MA.

Thursday, May 5Experienced folk dance, 8:15-10:45pm, Arlington, MA.

Friday, May 6Friday folk dance with the International Music Club, 8-11pm, Arlington, MA.

Friday, May 13Romanian Night at the Friday folk dance with Tom Pixton and Friends, 8-11pm, Arlington, MA.

Saturday, May 21Monthly folk dance party with Shining Moon, 8-11pm, Belmont, MA.

Beginners are welcome at our events!

Register now for FAC’s
Czech Republic Tour, September 16-25;
Cape Breton Weekend at Pinewoods, June 3-5;
Pinewoods International Weekend & FolkDays, June 23-30;
Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School, August 14-20;
and Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods, September 2-6.

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