Thursday, February 22Thursday experienced folk dance, 8:15–10:45pm, Arlington, MA

Friday, February 23Friday folk dance, 8–11pm, Arlington, MA

Saturday, February 24Monthly folk dance party with music by the Pinewoods Band, 8:15–11pm, Belmont, MA

Saturday, March 17, 2018Balkan Music Night in Concord, MA: Order tickets online.

Sunday, March 25Memorial Dance for Eph Weiss with live music, 3–6pm, Belmont, MA

June 1–3Cape Breton Music and Dance Weekend at Pinewoods in Plymouth, MA: Register online.

June 21–28 FAC International Sessions at Pinewoods in Plymouth, MA: Register online for FolkDays; to get on the Weekend session’s waiting list, contact the FAC office at 781-438-4387 or by email.